Does Age Difference Really Matter?

Does Age Difference Really Matter?

So I am only a freshamn in highschool and I have been friends with a guy, who happens to be a senior in highschool, and me and him are now "talking talking". I am 15 and he is 17 but he will be turning 18 pretty soon. I know my mom and dad would probably never accept me dating him considering the age difference and the "boy years" my mom likes to say. I made it clear to the boy that my parents approval may or may not come but he said he is willing to wait if thats what will have to happen. Knowing that I've be-friended him two years ago, I know he is a well-respected gentleman who gets into no trouble.

Any advice whether I should try to take things to the next step or should I just not go through with it? Thank you!

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