Do you truly love yourself?

Do you truly love yourself?

Do you love yourself?  Don't just answer that question off the fly.  Really put some thought into it like I did.  For some of us this is an easy and bold YES or for the rest of us it’s a sad & resounding NO.

On a scale from zero to ten, how well or how much do you love & accept yourself?

Unfortunately, my answer was low.  When I really put thought to answering this question, I had to ask myself how I can answer this honestly.  How can I measure the depth of the question?  I decided to mirror the way that I love & accept others to give me a meter on which to answer the question truthfully.

Here are the things I would never *or rarely* do to others but I do to myself:

  • Talking down to myself for failures
  • Not accepting my quirks; my uniqueness
  • Repressing desires instead of pursuing them
  • Feeding myself foods that aren’t nourishing my cells, skin, hair or figure
  • Never moving my body with a purpose
  • I don’t nurture or care very well for myself


So again I ask-how well do you love yourself?

Starting now and going deeper in 2014, I will be loving myself a whole lot more.  New things are on the horizon for Kisha G!

Cheers to making life sweet,

Kisha G!


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