Do You Have Questions Now That You're Expecting Your 2nd Child?

Do You Have Questions Now That You're Expecting Your 2nd Child?

An expectant mom, no doubt, has lots of questions when she's expecting her first baby. But what about that second baby? She already knows what pregnancy is like and what labor entails -- but there's a slew of other questions running through her mind. Charise at I Thought I Knew Mama wrote a list of 11 things to share with mothers expecting their second baby, and it's really a great post to pass on.

I really liked this point:

7. All of the cliches about growing a second heart for your second child are true.

I will tell you the honest truth: I wondered from the moment I saw the positive pregnancy test until the last moments of labor how I could possibly love another person as much as I love my son. For almost two years, the sun rose and set for him alone. My love for him was beyond definition, and I truly believed it would be impossible to love another child as much. I can’t tell you how wrong I was, and I think it is one of life’s most phenomenal surprises. You really do love your second baby with the same exact intensity AND you love them in an additional, very special way. Love really is a downright magical thing.

Do you already have two and have some insights to add? Are you expecting your second child and feel yourself wondering a bunch of things about what life will be like? Read the whole post and comment!

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