Do Book Covers Matter?

Do Book Covers Matter?


How important are book covers in getting you to read a book? ~~~~~~~~ Book Covers are somewhat important in getting me to read a book.  If a book cover is really racy, that will automatically turn me off.  I like a book with some substance to it.  I read enough of the hot, steamy, romance books in my earlier years; no more.  Now, if it is a historical romance, set in a time period that I’m really interested in, I might give it a read. My taste in books has turned more to mystery, thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, and horror.  Even in those genres, my taste varies, so I always read the book blurb.  The book blurb is most important for me to read a book. I love a good literary fiction, too. Book reviews are something I turn to the most.  It matters to me what others who have read the book thought about it.  A few good book reviews can help me make the decision of, ‘To Read, or not To Read’.  Even the bad reviews help me to decide; especially if the reason for the bad review is not something I’m looking for anyway. 1 A Books

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