DIY Wooden Tray

DIY Wooden Tray

It's probably a bad thing I live five minutes away from a Lowe's, but I'm cranking out DIYs like it's my job, and I'm loving it. This wooden tray is one of my recent projects. It's pretty easy to make!

DIY wooden tray

Materials used:

  • Minwax Stain
  • Minwax polyurethane
  • Two 5/16 U-bolts
  • One 1"x15"x15" pine round wood

DIY wooden tray - with bolts

Before any of the drilling began, I stained the round wood piece with a stain mix that I'm loving. I used two different kinds of Minwax stain (dark walnut and special walnut) and mixed them together to get this nice stain color. I then used Minwax polyurethane, let it sit overnight, and then started drilling.

DIY wooden tray - with handle

I drilled a 3/8 " hole through the wood to install the U-bolts. On the bottom piece of the wood where I put the bolts on, I drilled a 5/8 hole about a quarter inch each, that way the nuts would fit in so it would be flush with the wood and look nice.

After doing all of this and putting the U-bolts into the wood, I then marked on the U-bolt where I needed to cut off. The reason for this is to get the "flush" look. Once I marked where I wanted to cut off, I used a hacksaw to cut off the part I didn't want, and that was it!

DIY wooden tray - on bed

I'm loving the way this wooden tray looks.

DIY wooden tray - closeup

I was originally going to paint the U-bolts black, but decided I like the look of the silver with the wood better.

DIY wooden tray - closeup2

What do you think of this DIY wooden tray? Have you made something similar? I'd love to know! As always, thanks for stopping by!

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