DIY Ink Splatter Wall Art

DIY Ink Splatter Wall Art

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I was searching the internet for inspiration on a DIY wall art idea, when I came across this amazing living room on Pinterest. I’ve obsessed about ink splatter wall art ever since!

I put together a quick little DIY and created my own piece. I absolutely love it! If you are looking for an easy and modern DIY wall art idea, this is it!

Wall Art DIY 1



acrylic paint

paint brush

wood batten

small hack saw

hot glue gun



1) Splatter your canvases with black acrylic paint. I splattered some and then thinned out the paint with water and splattered some more to create variation in my ink splatter. Allow to dry over night.

Wall Art DIY 8

2) Mark the wood batten with a pencil and cut with a small hack saw. My canvas was 18 X 24 inches. I measured and extra quarter of an inch on each piece, to ensure there were not gaps in the frame.

Wall Art DIY 7

3) Sand the edges of the wood batten and paint with acrylic paint. I used two coats for a bright metallic purple color. Allow to dry over night.

Wall Art DIY 9

4) Hot glue the wood batten around the edges of the canvas. I actually used wood glue because I was out of hot glue sticks but hot glue would work much better.  Make sure the front edge of the canvas is even with the edge of the wood batten.

Wall Art DIY 10

This project only took about and hour of work total, maybe less. It was simple and it adds a modern touch to my living room that I love.

Wall Art DIY 3


Wall Art DIY 12

Try it out and send me a pic of your art and I will update the post to show off your work!




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