DIY // Golden Eggs for Easter

DIY // Golden Eggs for Easter

golden eggs2

The sweet little pink and yellow peeps that adorn every grocer's front aisle, the pastel doughnuts, the tulips, the excuse to buy matching outfits… and also? It's that time of year to paint, dye, color and bedazzle little eggs. While my kids are a fan of the most colorful eggs possible, I like the more subdued tones and natural look. My Pinterest Easter board is full of natural muted dye options and golden eggs, and this year, more than ever, I'm a fan of the gold leaf or gold foil. It's so pretty, and it's so expensive. Maybe if it were for a project that I would keep around for more than a few days before we eat the eggs (which you usually can't do with gold foiled eggs because of the glue process, and also, I'm not planning on blowing out the eggs so that I can try and store egg shells all year), I would be happy to play with gold leaf, but for this project, I needed something wallet friendly. My solution was simple. And by simple, I mean really simple. I had some metallic gold paint from our recent Fresh Event with West Elm, and I decided to go for faux gold leafed eggs. The result is a more golden egg, and a little less gold-foil-look, but beautiful none the less. And cheap. And easy.

Meaning, perfect for me right now. (Not that I'm cheap OR easy, but I like my eggs that way.)IMG_4599IMG_4607

To begin, just lay down some paper towel and squirt a squiggle or dollop of metallic gold paint. I used the multi-surface paint from Martha Stewart because it really is multi-surface and goes on anything! You could also play with colors and use a robin's egg blue or silver… whatever color your crave.IMG_4616

Then, while the paint is wet, just roll the egg around in it a bit. This is the fun part, and once my son noticed how much fun I was having with it, he asked to join in.IMG_4622IMG_4625IMG_4653

I also wanted to have a couple eggs with geometric lines, so I taped off on the bias and then we used a brush to add the gold.IMG_4687

Just leave the eggs on the paper towel to dry, and voila, golden eggs! golden eggs1

 What colors are you loving for Easter this season? Do share!



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