Father's Day: Five Gifts You Can Make for Dad

Father's Day: Five Gifts You Can Make for Dad

Father's Day is upon us and my local stores are telling me all the dads need new power tools and video games. Both are lovely options if that's what the fathers in your life want but sometimes we want something a bit more personal -- something that was made just for them. We've gathered up five DIY gift ideas you can make that special dad in your life.

Etched Star Wars Glass

etched glass Star Wars mug
Credit: Architecture of a Mom

I think everyone is in my family is a Star Wars fan. I find the whole process of making etched glass fun and fascinating. It's like science! When I saw Rachel's Star Wars "I am your father" etched glass mug I knew it was perfect for the men in my life. If the dads in your family aren't Star Wars fans, Kim has some good ideas for etched glass beer steins.


Personalized Toiletry Bags

Father's Day Toiletry Bags DIY
Credit: Coconut Robot

I feel you need to know that in our house toiletry bags are referred to as "Sam Malone kits." I don't know really what to tell you about that except my husband watched a lot of Cheers when he was young and was apparently very impressed by Malone's "Babe Box." At the moment, these toiletry bags are teensy bit outside my skill level but I'm going to remember this post because at some point I'll be able to make them and then I'll make them for everyone. I love them.


Easy Personalized Remote Holder

Father's Day Remote Holders
Credit: Yesterday On Tuesday

The role of Owner of the Remote varies in my house. My husband tends to lay claim to the cable remote but the Roku remote? That's mine all mine. And okay, sometimes I hide the cable remote from him if there's something I really want to watch without him flipping channels between commercials. We also spend a lot of time wondering where the heck the remotes even are because we're constantly losing them. Maybe we need one of these personalized remote holders for each of our remotes?


Garden Stones

Father's Day Garden Stone
Credit: Handling With Grace

Does the dad in your life rock? Tell him with his very own garden stone. I especially like the size and shape of these because they could be used as stepping stones on a garden path.


Father's Day Printable Kids Interview

Father's Day Printable Kids Interview
Credit: Making the World Cuter

Gifts are wonderful, but it's the memories that matter most. With Tiffany's printable interviews for Father's Day you can give both at the same time. Have your kids fill them out and present them to Dad. I know he'll love them. There's even a version for grandpa, too.

What are you making for Father's Day?

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