Easy DIY Framed Chalkboard

Easy DIY Framed Chalkboard

I must admit my DIY chalkboard has been one of my favorite projects that I have done lately!  I was inspired to write about it today as C and I are off to Menards to get supplies for our next project since the temperature is currently above zero.  I need reminders why I live here again?!?!  Anyway, how I came to make my chalkboard came from inspiration to have something to write monthly milestones on for C each month.  Pinterest had a lot of cute ideas as to different chalkboards so I went looking for one.  I wanted a large enough one that it would show nice in pictures and I wanted it framed.  What I was finding was the cost was running far higher then I anticipated like over $100.  I did not want to be in it for that much so I moved to DIY.  I searched different tutorials where there were some very basic ones like spray a piece of board and wallah you have a chalkboard, however I really wanted the frame looked.  To get the framed looked it involved wood or molding and sawing, gluing etc.  Anytime I can avoid any type of sawing it is a good thing so I pretty much let the idea go for a while.  It was not until I was cleaning out my closet and came across an old door mirror that I had in college it clicked.  The mirror had a white frame.  It was cheap so it was not real glass.  I thought why the heck not try make this thing into the chalkboard I have nothing to lose.  So here is what I used:

Spray Paint Primer
Spray Paint Chalkboard Paint
Painters tape (to cover the frame)
1. I used the painters to tape to cover the entire frame of the mirror.
2. I then spray painted one layer of primer and let it dry.
3. I then spray painted two coats of chalkboard paint according to the directions on the can
And here was my result!
I had all the materials at my house so it was no cost to me.  If you have none of them this chalkboard mirror will still cost you less than $20 dollars.  
Spray Primer - Runs Around $3.50
Chalkboard Spray Paint - Runs around $3.50
Painters Paint - Around $5.00
Mirror - Price from Target: $6.00-$15.00 depending on which one you choose
So simple!  Here is a picture of how we are utilizing it right now!

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