DIY Chalkboard Kitchen Table

DIY Chalkboard Kitchen Table

Let's just pretend that part didn't happen.  On to step 2!

DIY kitchen painted chalkboard table

Step two included painting the base of the table white and the top of the table with chalkboard paint.  This part of the project cost me about $30 for the white paint and chalkboard paint -- but again I have plenty left over of both to be used for future projects.

I did find that the chalkboard paint covered the best if I used a small roller and alternated directions in rolling the paint with each coat.  I believe the chalkboard paint took 3-4 coats to achieve that true black look, as initially it looked very gray and you could see the roller lines in the paint.

We left the table in our garage for at least a few days -- maybe even a week -- before we brought it inside so that the paint could really have time to dry and we wouldn't screw it up again before it was finished.  This was probably overkill, but -- you know -- that's still me, too!

That only leaves us with Step 3:

We absolutely love the chalkboard table and use it all the time to write, draw, scribble grocery lists, write quick messages {and love notes} to each other, and -- as seen above -- do complex math equations with our toddler.

Dear DH, I love you.

But really, the chalkboard table has been a fantastic option for our family.  And since I sold our old table/chairs and baker's rack, I actually made money on the deal -- seeing as I sold those for way more than the $50 price tag of the project.

I'd say this was one secondhand project in which I came out way on top.

What do you think?

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