Trend Alert: Divorce Tattoos...?

Trend Alert: Divorce Tattoos...?

Are you inked?  If not, are you thinking about getting a tattoo?  Are these thoughts connected to an event in your life such as divorce, marriage, death, love?  It’s human nature to want to mark an event with a celebration or a ceremony and sometimes with INK.

Speaking of ceremonies, I’ve been hearing much ado about divorce parties.  It’s a positive take on what is normally perceived as a negative event in our lives— making lemonade, if you will.  Divorce showers are even a thing.  So, if we can ‘celebrate’ the end of a marriage would we also mark it with a tattoo?

When I watch some of the ink reality shows I take notice of the various reasons people have for getting inked and their personal design choice.  A couple get engaged, for example and they decide to get matching tattoos.  I know! It has ‘regret’ written all over it but who are we to judge the young and in love?  Note to self: Tattoos are more permanent than most marriages.


crazy love tattoo
Image: Michael Tattoo via Flick

I know a young woman who decided to get her first tattoo after her breakup from her boyfriend.  It’s a bird symbolizing freedom (I suppose).  I sometimes wonder though... isn’t that putting a permanent memory on that particular break up?  If it was me, I would look down at that tattoo and think of that boy who broke my heart.  That isn’t something I want stamped on my skin.  But that’s just me, an old fashioned girl.

What do you think?

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