The diving board story.

The diving board story.

This story has always been referenced by that title. 

I have not shared it for over twenty five years. 

It was my story telling debut. 


I babysat a lot when I was young. 

I enjoyed it and kids liked me. 

It gave me spending money and something to do.


My favourite family to sit for,

Lived down the street from me. 

They were a nice family.

They had two girls.

They were great parents and always considerate of me.

There was always a pillow and blanket put out if it were to be a late night.

They always left my pay on the shelf BEFORE they left. 

I was welcome to have any friends over who had been pre-approved by my parents.

But, not until after the girls were in bed. 

They had an in ground pool.

Sometimes they would invite me to come early so I could swim before they left. 


One particular spring evening,

As I sat doing homework at the kitchen table,

I could hear the sounds of a ballgame starting coming in the open window. 

I remembered ‘the boy’ was playing ball that night. 


With the girls safely asleep in their beds,

I thought I would venture out to the backyard for a peek.

The ball diamond was directly below the hilly property. 

I was excited at the prospect of being so sneaky. 

Once in the backyard,

I went around the pool to get to the back of the yard. 

I could see the lights and movement of people at the ball park,

But the hedge was making it impossible to find ‘the boy.’


Darn, so close. 

If only I was a foot taller. 

A foot taller...hmm

Hey, I could stand on the diving board. 


I was so clever. 

I was all a giggle of anticipation.

I would be able to watch ‘the boy’

And he would never know.



I hopped up on the board. 

I took a couple of steps forward!

Yes!  I could see perfectly!

Now, to find ‘the boy’.


There he is! 

I jumped for joy!

This is great!

Wait...I am moving.

What is happening?

I looked down.

My feet weren’t moving but I was.

The board was tipping!



Ever so slowly,

I surfed the atmosphere,

Until I had nothing but my toenails keeping me dry


I jumped into the pool.

Nooooo! My brain yelled. 

Once my head became submerged under the water,

My brain yelled, ‘COLD! COLD! GET OUT! GET OUT!’


I scrambled out of the pool.

I looked at that diving board with deep seeded insult.

This inanimate object had become my enemy. 

Why did you do that?!


Then I realised the board itself was sliding into the pool!

Completely soaked and freezing cold,

I grabbed that board and started to pull.

It was tremendously heavy. 

I knew I couldn’t let that board enter the pool!

I readjusted my grip and pulled harder.

I pulled and pulled but it wouldn’t budge.

Really!  Ugh.


The crowd below let out a cheer...

I sent them a look of disgust in response. 



It‘s all his fault. 


I headed into the house. 

I borrowed a robe from the bathroom.

I put my wet clothes in the dryer. 

I stared out the window at that diving board.

My hatred did not make it move. 


Back in my dry clothes,

I went outside to give it another shot. 

I pulled until my sore arms told me to stop. 

The game was over. 

And so was I.


I was defeated. 

If only I was strong enough to move the board!

I wouldn’t have to tell them any of this...


The board is the only evidence...

Well, and the wet deck. 


It started to rain. 

A lovely gentle rain fell from the sky.

Within seconds the partially wet deck was completely wet. 

The wet foot marks of my calamity...gone. 


I laughed in spite of myself. 

My arms hurt,

Although, not as much as my ego.

I was embarrassed. 

Embarrassed I had to tell the parents.

I had to tell them about ‘the boy’.



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