Delicious Strawberry Apple Smoothie with Ginger

Delicious Strawberry Apple Smoothie with Ginger

Sometimes when I feel the urge to have something sweet, I turn to a smoothie. I do this because a smoothie made with fruit and other nutritional ingredients can satisfy my craving and still be healthy for me. It’s times like this that I find myself putting together something like my Delicious Strawberry Apple Smoothie with Ginger.

                                       Image: Courtesy of Jodee Weiland

Fresh fruits are always a healthy addition to any smoothie. I will sometimes wash and freeze fresh fruit for a smoothie I want to make. That’s what I did here with some fresh strawberries. That gives texture to my recipe without adding ice because my frozen strawberries become my ice in a way. Then I will usually add a fresh apple along with fruit juice to the mixture giving it even more texture. That along with grated ginger makes this smoothie a refreshing, tasty, and naturally sweet treat without any added sugar or honey. This particular smoothie is dairy free as well.

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