Death and Scooby Doo

Death and Scooby Doo

As Baby Girl and I were motoring down the street off to our mani/pedi appointment, or maybe it was to get doughnuts, well anyway - we were driving down the street singing along to that song that is on the radio all-the-time and Baby Girl asks, "When is grandma coming back?"

My heart skipped a beat - my mom died this past February and I still burst into to tears thinking of her.  We have not sheltered the kids from anything, she was at her bedside to say good bye, she was at the wake and the funeral mass.  The subject of mom usually comes up when she does not want to go to the sitters with a quiet, "I miss grandma."

Before you think, "Oh! She misses her grandma!"  Don't. She doesn't want to go to the sitters and she knows this will give her a few more minutes of cuddling.  I've accepted it and I almost always give into the extra cuddles.

The whole, "When is grandma coming back?" question is a new one so I cautiously say, "Sweet pea, she isn't."

"Are you sure?"

"Oh, yes, I am sure," I say still waiting for the other shoe to hit me in the back of my head.

"So," she starts tentatively, "she won't be coming back as a zombie?"

Damn you Scooby Doo and you meddling kids! 



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