Daycare Valentine's Party

Daycare Valentine's Party

I realize that most of my readers won't be interested in throwing a Valentine's Party for a group of 3 year old in a daycare, but I still thought it was fun and would be cute to write about. Also, the pictures I have are sparse because I am not allowed to take pictures of the kids to post online, so I don't have any of the actual party, just the set up.

The party itself was kind of chaotic as it was my first time throwing a party at daycare, but what I had in mind was just a time of eating treats with parents. Unfortunately, that was not communicated very well with the other teacher I had that day and so we ended up doing a messy craft that another classroom gave us and eating our normal snack, plus treats. Regardless, it was still fun and cute and really, what more can you do for a Valentine's party for 18 three year old in a daycare?

For the party itself I picked up some dollar store plastic table coverings and some cute plates and cups.

And as our Valentines present for parents the kids painted wood picture frames I found at Michaels. I wanted to have them make something that wasn't going to be just another item to add to clutter in their homes, so I decided on picture frames that had kind of a Valentine's theme but were still able to be enjoyed year round. I think they turned out really cute!

I picked up these dot paints I like using with kids. I used them a lot when I was a nanny. They are way less mess than regular paints and paint brushes but still produce great results. I highly recommend them!

I also found some cute bags at Michaels to put the frames in and all the Valentine's the kids brought for each other. I lined them all up by their cubbies and snapped this picture because they were just too cute. P.S. sorry for the weird lighting, it was nap time and most of the lights were off for the exception of one hallway light that doesn't turn off. 

My most favorite aspect was this cute little banner I made for our door. I am a banner freak and love making them for any and every occasion. What can I say, pinterest has corrupted me!

So there you have it! A cute and quick little party for my three year olds in daycare. I know I'm nearly a week late but, Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 


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