A Day at a Time

A Day at a Time

I got through yesterday without going off track and felt GLAD to go to bed where the constant underlying questing for tasty foods would be off limits.  It's hard trying to lose weight.   In theory it's really easy: easy less, exercise more.  But in reality, it's hard - especially with a body that rather likes to hold on to weight.  

I have short squat relatives.   I'm short.  I'd rather not be as squat as I could be.

BIt it's hard to lose weight.  All day long, there's a part of the brain just pestering you and pestering you for something.  It is like an addiction and it's hard to stay the course when one is tired or hungry or stressed or bored.  It's hard to stay the course when one is feeling great.  I hate denying myself things and feeling restricted.

So I got through yesterday and so far I'm doing well today.   I made some tasty Buffalo Chicken Muffins for lunch tomorrow for the kids out of the 21 Day Sugar Detox book.  I have most of dinner cooking in the crock pot and I have a new bag of baby carrots to munch on if need be.

The biggest thing I need to do right now is go get myself some lunch because I haven't done that.

I have yoga planned for tonight.  I have good energy.  I got a decent 8 hours of sleep though not as restful as I like.  I'm nice and sore from the weight workout yesterday.  If I also meditate today then I'll be feeling really good.

And so I'm off to get through today as successfully as I can.

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