Day 11: The Less-Traveled Path

Day 11: The Less-Traveled Path

When other people were getting out of college and getting jobs, I eventually got a clock-in job and hated it, so I just quit and started a business editing medical journals. I did this with no particular plan except that I planned not to return to work, yet somehow it was a really successful business. I sat on my rear with my feet up and edited medical journals, and I made pretty good money (I still do that on the side because I like it, except this week because I'm too busy, which is why I'm writing crap posts, but I'm writing the things).

Still, rather than keep that, I again struck out, with no real plan in place, to go back to school to become a nurse, again with great luck and success. Nursing school is not like regular college. It consumes you from the skin in and cannot be taken lightly (at least, not once you make it there). I worked in critical care from the beginning after I graduated.

Now? I have taken another radical turn and left the high-paced, high-stress, hardcore medical nursing world of overnight ER nursing and entered the world of inpatient residential psychiatric care. Clearly I have something against doing the same thing for very long, but when I consider my family history, I feel justified. My family members all change careers once per decade or so, and they don’t necessarily logically connect. My dad, for example, was an Air Force psychologist, a mechanic, a musician, a music teacher, and a photographer and was highly successful at all.

 To really rebel in my family I think I would have to have been working Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm all this time and then stop, rather than getting my first Monday through Friday job when I’m nearly 40. Maybe before I retire, I’ll have a Monday through Friday DAY job, although I have trouble imagining I could stretch that far. I just…don’t like waking up, ever, and I like waking up early in the morning least of all. 

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