Dateless for the Holidays and the Move Back 3 Spaces Card

Dateless for the Holidays and the Move Back 3 Spaces Card

Well, here you are. Again. You hoped you'd be in a loving committed relationship by the time the holidays rolled around again, but you're not. Me either. Time to stock up on wine or green juice, watch The Holiday and ask yourself why don't you trade houses with an international stranger? Maybe Jude Law will come knocking on your door while you're drunk dancing around the house. Maybe Jack Black will at least appear and give you a pep talk and a laugh.
Wake up!  Not gonna happen. A more likely scenario is you playing a real life game of Sorry with yourself.

Here's what the game looks like: you (lonely) opt for  a "Move 3 Steps Back" card and end up messing around with an ex or a floater.  Raise your glass if you've done this. (Come on, I know I'm not the only one here). 

Your excuses are:
"It would be nice to catch up."
"Maybe he/she would join me for dinner. I'm hungry."
"Crap, I'm out of batteries. Let me text him."
Or the heart-wrenching favorite, “I just want to be held." That one is the WORST. I think that's the loneliest aspect of being solo. Who hugs you on a regular basis? I just want human touch every day!! Touch is necessary for premature babies to survive and well, me too!!
I bet you think I'm going to give you a pep talk and say "chin up buttercup, you're worth more than that!"  Actually no. You are a grown ass adult and you can make your own decisions. Just make sure you're clear that you know you're regressing for the sake of temporary human touch and you don't expect anything more (like sparkly gifts and him running through the rain to confess his love and repent for his inadequacies).

Besides, this tactic will actually serve you well on Jan 1.
Here's how :
Take your Move 3 Steps Back card and do your thing (or him). By the time he fucks up your New Years Eve plans and you're back in bed watching The Holiday, you will be REALLY clear about your New Years' resolutions. You will be single and proud and clear about only moving forward. You will never allow yourself to settle again! You will be deliriously in love with your life and be hopeful about your single empowered future!! New Year, new you!
Disclaimer: Don't put the game away just yet though, you know you'll play it again on Valentines silly, silly girl.

-SG Jen

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