Dad, Listen Up!

Dad, Listen Up!

Dad, listen up!  We Moms understand, you would 'never do that' but just in case you ever 'lost it' or pushed your Sons and Daughters beyond their limits so you can look like the super Dad,  STOP!

When I saw the clip on the news of the Florida father (I don't know his name nor do I want to) shoving his kid down a 30 ft. drop in a skateboard park, I had a physical reaction.  I was sickened as I'm sure many were.  Family protection services are 'looking into it'.  I hope they are.

The father's shame isn't enough.  He is only feeling "embarrassed" because he got caught.  There is no excuse.  There is not enough shame in the world to atone for that sin.  The child is hesitating at the edge of the drop, with one foot on his skateboard...

Let's stop right there...isn't it natural for a child to have fear?  It's natural for grown adults to have it? In fact, fear is what saves us in many circumstances.  To live without fear is to live as a complete fool.  Nevertheless, this father was teaching his son that his fear was baseless.  He also taught him in a split second, that what he should fear is his own father. 

This has Narc father written all over it.  If we could diagnose people with Narcissism before they breed, the world would be a better place. 

Narc parents will push their kids in sports and academics beyond reason.  Why?  So they can 'show and tell' their children off as their prized possessions.  The children are simply an extension of them and not individuals in their own right.  If his boy couldn't handle the 13 ft. drop then he makes the father look like a buffoon.  Really? 

If your Son can skateboard, ski race, pitch, tend goal or skate like Gretzky---it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with his own skill, dedication and practice.  Listen up---you're not SUPER Dad.

Super Dads are the quiet ones on the sidelines, always there for a hug.  They don't brag and they don't bully.  You don't notice them because it isn't about them.  It's about the child. 



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