I had my week fairly planned out. Blog posts written and scheduled. Activities to help Hun in starting the business. And the normal every day routines of our family.


Then life happened. Life happened and I'm rolling with it.

My father, one whom I've had a tenuous relationship with for my entire adult life, is now sick. He's very sick. ICU sick. ICU with a ventilator sick.

Fortunately, I have done much deep and tough work, such that any frustration, disappointment, anger, and loss can be put to the side quickly and not interfere with right now.

Right now when none of that is what's important.

I write because when I'm in pain, when I'm scared, when I'm nervous, when I'm lost or confused or happy it's the one way I know I can express myself.

Writing is the one way my words can't be changed. I've done this since I was a child. It has always worked better for me than speaking.

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