Currently: March

Currently: March

Listening/ Loving: As I write this I'm listening to BANKS' new single Brain. It was released last Wednesday, and I've been watching the video non-stop. If you've seen any of her previous videos, you'll be familiar with what's becoming BANKS' trademark black and white. But this video is a bit darker and mysterious, with an explosive, pulsing red climax.

I just can't get enough of this girl! Her voice is smooth and utterly feminine. Her vocal range is impressive and maybe a bit unexpected. Her lyrics are raw and vulnerable. Watch out for her, because  BANKS' is a quickly rising star. 

Reading: After reading Melissa Wennig's review of I Am Malala, I decided to read it for myself and ordered the Kindle edition from Amazon. I'm halfway through the book, but I am already so inspired by Malala's story. Malala is a teenage girl and an outspoken advocate for educating girls in a culture that values boys over girls. For this she was shot by the Taliban. Still, Malala remains strong, optimistic and dedicated to her cause.

Watching: Sometimes I wonder if I watch too much television. I think Netflix is an enabler. Once Upon a Time is back and better than ever. How can a show based on the world of fairy tales be this engaging? I can't get enough. The Walking Dead is also back. Did you catch last Sunday's episode? Holy‚Ķ

Doing: I've just started this 30 Day Ab & Squat Challenge and this 30 Day Plank Challenge. I like the progression from low reps to high reps. I know it seems that starting with such few reps won't accomplish anything. However, I think that the point of these challenges is to also establish good habits. By the 30th day, my body will be better able to handle higher reps, and used to the daily exercises. I'll come away from these challenges with a more toned body and higher endurance, which is really what I'm going for. I'll let you know how it goes in next month's Currently post. Wish me luck! 

Dreaming: On the one hand, it feels like this year is already moving much too quickly. On the other hand, I'm glad. I've been fantasizing about and wishing for summer for months now. I can't wait for blazing hot temperatures, sunshine, going to the beach, sitting on our porch drinking lemonade, and picnics in the park.

What have you been up to lately?

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