3 Fun, Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

3 Fun, Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

I love this time of year.  Spring.

Okay... so if you live in many parts of the country, we're still very much in winter.  BUT... the frozen land is starting to thaw and there are signs, however slim, that spring is upon us.

One of the things that screams spring to me is all of the fun and fabulous colors that start sprouting up.  Whether those colors are in the stores or in flower beds largely depends on where you live this early in the season.  For me, cold weather means bringing fun and vibrant colors into my home to liven it up and to make it feel like spring.

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Getting creative and colorful with Easter eggs is an invigorating way to make your home festive for the holiday season while sharing a memorable time crafting with kids or other loved ones.

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3 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs with Creative Flare:

  • Crafty Leaf Print Easter Eggs: coffee-dyed Easter eggs with leaf prints.  Gorgeous, simple and very eye-catching... these nature-loving eggs stand out.
  • Ribbons: fun and fabulous! Glue or tape the ribbon to the back of the egg to keep it in place.
  • Salt: Roll eggs (still-wet-from-dye) in a coating of salt. Let dry overnight and then rub off excess salt. Makes for a coarse, grainy egg.

What is your favorite way to decorate Easter eggs?

How To Make Crafty Leaf Print Easter Eggs

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pineapple poke cake

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lemonade cupcakes

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