Creating Kitschy Christmas Keepsakes - Deer Diorama

Creating Kitschy Christmas Keepsakes - Deer Diorama

I have been on a real crafting bender lately.  Christmas seems to bring that out in people.  I’ve been putting together Putz Houses, crafting Christmas cones and tonight I’m sharing how I have been doing it up diorama style.

The key to a quick and painless diorama is a good box.  You can buy readymade shadowboxes and call it a day, I however prefer to make my own.  I have been known to make them out of cereal boxes and brie containers.  During the holiday season unsuspecting diorama boxes are bountiful.  For my deer diorama I used a box that cupcake picks came in.  The key is you want a box that has an open front that is covered in cellophane.  Pop over to I Love to Create to see how I made one out of a cupcake box and my Naughty Secretary Club blog to take a gander at the ones my friends made from shoeboxes, ornament boxes and more.     

How you decorate your shadowbox is totally up to you.  If you choose a box that is seasonal in theme to start with you won’t have to do as much work on the outside.  When adorning the inside the box the only limitation is that what you put inside is not wider than the box you are using so that the lid can still go on.

Scrapbook paper, wrapping paper and even holiday photographs work great for the background in your shadowbox.  Adhere with craft glue.

When decorating the inside of your diorama remember to not choose items that are wider than your box so that your lid will fit.

Add glitter, pom pom fringe, flowers and springs of kitsch to your diorama with reckless abandon.  Remember when working on a diorama there is no such thing as ‘too’ much.

All that is left to do is display your shadowbox with pride.  What will you put in your shadowbox?



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