Crazy's Christmas Letter

Crazy's Christmas Letter

Today's Word to Your Motha Wednesday has been temporarily suspended to bring you this important message. You know how yesterday I revealed The Kid's 50 item Christmas List? Well, today I have a little something from my son. I just happened to find this lying on the table yesterday afternoon after having published the Christmas List post. I don't know when Crazy did it or why, but note the difference. [caption id="attachment_1202" align="aligncenter" width="447"]Crazy's Letter to Self Crazy's note to self. Literally.[/caption]

He starts the darn thing with "Dear Myself." It doesn't get any cuter than that, does it? He's included portraits of our two new kitties. They really do look like that. And they "is begging" for more food. It should break a poor writer's heart to see her own child writing with such atrocious grammer, but I find it funny. I vow by the time he goes off to college, he'll know subject-verb agreement.

What the kitties are saying in this letter is immaterial since typically it's not suitable for publication, but I couldn't include the letter without including the kitty conversation.

I swear that kid may be crazy, but I couldn't love him any more.


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