Overused Craft and Design Trends to Consider Leaving Behind for 2014

Overused Craft and Design Trends to Consider Leaving Behind for 2014

We are all guilty of beating a dead crafty horse from time to time. Long after a trend has jumped the shark, we still can’t stop “putting a bird on it.” Don’t get me wrong: I love a good Mason jar craft as much as the next guy -- but if I never saw another one (aside from the canning of actual food), that would be OK, too. That said, I humbly bring you my list of craft and design trends that we should all maybe resolve to take a break from in 2014.


My Musical Mustache Masks

On occasion, my husband will shave himself a tacky handlebar mustache just to annoy me. He is especially fond of doing this right before there will be lots of pictures taken. Let’s just say he looks like a member of The Village People for most of our family Christmas pictures. It might be his fault that I am over mustaches. Sure, I have made my fair share of mustache crafts -- even ones with actual fun fur. I’m thinking it might be time to leave my love of Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck in 2013.


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