Courage is not always obvious.

Courage is not always obvious.

It’s Sunday night and I need to write something….


Today I posted Ten Things of Thankful on my other blog, Mangia, Mangia…No Talk!!!

I wrote about a situation that I was thankful for, because I recognized that I am strong… and that by  hiding my reaction, or not reacting, it is creating a better safer barrier… Does that make sense?


Tonight on Facebook, I received a message from God, which was:



Today we believe God wants us to know that...

Courage is not always obvious.


Sometimes courage speaks in a small voice of quiet determination to return tomorrow and try again.


Tomorrow I try again; nothing changes, yet I am that person that will always keep trying…I show up every single day. If that is not enough; well then truth is, that is all I can do, for now.

My small voice is quite determined to speak or not speak, but gently let everyone know that I try each day, no matter what happened I am back and brave.






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