Cool Season Vegetables

Cool Season Vegetables

ID-10048653Have you ever wondered what are cool season vegetables. Maybe, what is the cool season? In this post I will be going over just that.

What is the Cool Season?
The cool season is the time of year when the temperature stays above 25°F, but below 60°F. The length of the cool season really depends on where you live at. On average here in Michigan the cool season is around 60 days. In some places the cool season is 100 days. Sadly places like Alaska you do not get much else besides the cool season. But hey, someone has to grow the world supply of arugula.When you go to plant your cool season vegetables if you are in an area like Michigan you can start planting around March or April. All depending on your area.

What crops are in the cool season list?

ArugulaBeetsBroad Beans
BroccoliBrussels SproutsCabbage
CauliflowerChinese CabbageCollards
EndiveFlorence FennelKale
RadishesRed MustardSpinach

If you feel some vegetables have been left off the cool season list, let me know, and I will add them on.

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