Confessions of a Dysfunctional Blogger

Confessions of a Dysfunctional Blogger

I am new to the blogging world and have encountered some frustrations.  I thought I would share them to see if others feel similar and/or to solicit the advice of those who are more experienced:


1)  I am anal retentive.  I cannot afford a nice camera, nor do I have access to photoshop to edit my photos.  I am not at all happy with all of my photographs.  Should I refrain from taking pictures until I have better equipment? 

2)  I am out of practice.  I used to be quite a good writer and photogragher, but it's been a long time since I've allowed my creative juices to flow.  I know what I am capable of, but I am frustrated that I am not able yet to executute the kind of quality that I want to represent on my blog.  It's also very intimidating to be among such talented writers and photographers.  Do I publish my sub-par blog posts and keep perfecting my work over time or do I keep my blog posts to myself until I am satisfied with the quality?

3)  I'm a perfectionist.  If it's not perfect it bugs me to no end.  Does it have to be perfect to publish it?  Will my audience be patient and interested in watching me grow or do they want to see perfection the first time?

4)  I'm insecure.  I really enjoy blogging, but I don't know if I'm all that good at it.  How do you know if you're good at it?  I certainly know I'm not as good as the majority of you.  How can I build confidence in my abilities as a blogger?

5)  I'm uneducated.  I have enjoyed the technical aspect of teaching myself how to create my own website, but I've have no actually training.  Can anyone offer advice on some good resources for new bloggers? 


For those of you who have any thoughts or advice, I would really appreciate it if you could be willing to share them in the comments.  Heck, if you want to write your own blog post in response to this, feel free!  Unless I am a complete dysfunctional freak, perhaps there might be a couple of other folks that might find your feedback valuable as well!

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