Conference Corner: BlogHer Writers ’11 Mentoring Workshops

Conference Corner: BlogHer Writers ’11 Mentoring Workshops

BlogHer Writers '11Two hallmarks of BlogHer conferences are the education you receive and the networking you engage in while attending our events. BlogHer Writers conference is no different. If you’ve perused the agenda, you know that we’re offering a slew of sessions geared toward attendees who want to publish books. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve published before, or never a word in your life. If you’ve got a(nother) book in you, this conference has your name all over it!

One of my personal favorite blocks of programming, the focus of what we’ll discuss today, marries education with networking: Mentoring. The mentoring sessions will be a hybrid of sorts. We’re mixing traditional 1:1 coaching with small birds-of-a-feather-type meetups, to create a unique formula that allows you to network with other writers while receiving personalized input from advanced professionals in the field. Each group will have ten or fewer participants, which means you will have a full 90 minutes to learn from your mentoring group leader while also learning from each other.

Here is the list of small groups you'll be able to choose from:

  • Seeking fiction agent
  • Seeking nonfiction agent
  • Seeking help with a book proposal
  • Memoir group
  • Literary novel group
  • Genre novel group (e.g., romance/mystery/thriller/sci-fi, etc.)
  • Children’s (YA/middle grade/picture book)
  • Humor/novelty (e.g., LOLcats, Cake Wrecks, etc.)
  • Cookbooks
  • Shorter works/Anthologies
  • Expert platform nonfiction

Who are these mentors? Well, Pam Dorman is the editor behind Bridget Jones' Diary and The Secret Life of Bees, and has founded her own imprint at Penguin. Karen Ballum is one of the most prominent book bloggers and the host of our BlogHer Book Club. Kate Lee is an agent who specializes in online writers, and recently signed blogger Duncan Birmingham (humor/novelty author of Pets Who Want to Kill Themselves). Kathy Cano-Murillo is the author of seven nonfiction craft books and a Web series on They are experts on every step of the blog-to-book journey, and are just a small sampling of the mentors confirmed for BlogHer Writers '11.

Have you registered for BlogHer Writers ‘11 yet? If not, do so today -- and don’t forget to select the mentoring group that fits you best! If you have questions about what might be the best group for you, feel free to ask us here and we'll see if we can point you in the right direction!


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