Coming: Your Instagram Profile on the Web

Coming: Your Instagram Profile on the Web

Instagram announced that they will be rolling out Instagram profiles on the web during the next few days. Your Instagram images are no longer tied only to your mobile device.

example instagram profile
Image from Instagram

The profile will be at You may not be able to see your profile yet, but it will appear within a few days. I tried to see mine, and got a generic "this page coming soon" announcement with information about the new profiles below it.

Instagram provided some examples of what kinds of things can be done with the profile, including the example image above, which is from mycookingdiary.

Here's how Instagram described the benefits of having a web based way to interact with your own photos, and the photos of others:

Your web profile features a selection of your recently shared photographs just above your profile photo and bio, giving others a snapshot of the photos you share on Instagram. In addition, you can follow users, comment & like photos and edit your profile easily and directly from the web. It’s a beautiful new way to share your Instagram photos!

Your profile page will have a Facebook-like banner at the top with a small spot for your user image and a brief bio. Under that will be an array of current public photos. Facebook now owns Instagram. I'm not sure if the similarity in appearance to the Facebook timeline is an indicator that Facebook intends to integrate Instagram more closely into Facebook, or that Instagram is simply trying to improve their core product, as ReadWriteWeb suggests in Instagram Inches Closer to Having a Web App.

Instagram has information in their Help Center to provide answers to questions about the new profiles. The Help Center mentions everything from privacy to copyright violations. The less than verbose comments about copyright violations lead you to this daunting page. One thing I don't see is the Flickr-style tie in the Creative Commons licensing options. The ability to see sharing options tied to a Creative Commons license on Flickr is very important in terms of how others share your photos. Since Instagram photos can be shared, I think something similar needs to be available there.

Photos marked private won't be visible. If you want to make some of your private photos visible to certain Instagram users, you can do that.

What do you Instagram users think about this? Are you excited that Instagram is finally offering you a way to share your images outside the mobile app?

Virginia DeBolt, BlogHer Section Editor for Tech
Virginia blogs at Web Teacher and First 50 Words.


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