Like most people, we were watching the Super Bowl last night.  What a sad day for Payton Manning.  I mean, the Broncos team didn't even show up, which made me sad.  I personally like watching the game for the commercials and the halftime show.  I mean, what girl really cares about the game?  Especially when you aren't fans of either team playing.

So we were watching and a new Coca-Cola commercial came on.  I had no idea that one commercial could anger so many people.

I don't get very political on here often, but this just made me mad.  To say that "America the Beautiful" needs to only be sung in English is appalling.  Yes, I bleed red and probably will for the rest of my life, but I thought the commercial was well put together and quite beautiful.

People on Twitter were blasting it using #fuckcoke and #speakenglish.  There actually is a tumblr page for public shaming of the ad.  It's just sad to read some of these tweets.  The commentary is quite comical.

It just shows the ignorance of some people...and clearly their facts are wrong.

Some thought that the national anthem was America the Beautiful.

super bowl 2014 coke ad

Some said that God Bless America should be sung in English--the commercial used America the Beautiful.  I mean, come on.

super bowl coke tweet


I just hope that these people know that our country is about celebrating diversity.  We are all immigrants here.  You did know that right?  The US is a melting pot for different religions, languages, ways of life.  Who cares if the commercial used different languages?  Why does it matter?  What if the people they used in the commercials were from America and just speaking their native language?

I am honestly proud of my company for putting this commercial out there.  Coca-Cola screams diversity and I wish other people understood that.

Coca-Cola won, in a way.  I don't think they realized they would be getting as much negative publicity as they are, but they won.  Any publicity is good publicity, right?

What did you think of the commercial?

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