Cleaning a Coffee Pot

Cleaning a Coffee Pot

Good morning! Raise your hand if you're a coffee addict. I'm raising both hands because I LOVE coffee!

I've been addicted since I was 15, actually! Maybe that's why I'm so short, lol. I just recently bought a new carafe because my old one broke. So, I figured I should clean out my coffee pot while I was at it. In the past I've been guilty of rarely cleaning my coffee pot and I'm trying to get better and do this at least once a month! I wanted to share this quick little trick with vinegar that will get your coffee pot feeling like new again!

1. Fill the water chamber with equal parts of vinegar and water.

2. Turn your coffee pot to brew, like you normally would brew a pot of coffee.

3. Once the water and vinegar mixture has run though your coffee pot, allow it to sit for about an hour. The vinegar will break down any residue that remains.

4. I like to run the coffee pot 2-3 more times with water to thoroughly clean out all the vinegar.

5. Wipe down the sides of the coffee pot and you can also change your filter!

There you have it! Hope you found this helpful. Now excuse me while I go make some vanilla iced coffee :)

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