Christmas Music: Love It or Hate It?

Christmas Music: Love It or Hate It?

I woke up one morning early in November and felt some weird desire to listen to Christmas music. It scared me. I tweeted it, hoping to release the desire into the world and have it disappear. Didn't work.

I have never hated Christmas music but I have been known to rant about radio stations that switch to holiday music programming that lasts for weeks on end. And, I've also been known to rant about hearing the same canned Christmas music in store after store after store.

I've also never loved Christmas music -- except when I was 10 and learning to play the piano. Playing Christmas songs in July was preferable to playing scales for an hour.

I own one Christmas CD. I have two Christmas songs on my iPhone. I'm just not a Christmas music person.

At least I wasn't.

I saw this video, from The Girls with Glasses, and read it as "I Love Christmas Music" video and eagerly clicked it, (which scared me again because I don't love Christmas music! Do I?) The video is not about loving Christmas music, haha. It's a music video about loving Christmas, which I do. (It's also a very cute video, but I might be biased because I love The Girls with Glasses.)

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So far, I've kept myself from listening to any Christmas music. I'm a little afraid that once I start, I might not be able to stop and I'll become the person who starts listening at 12:01am on November 1 and doesn't stop until after the Epiphany. I'm not that person! Err. Am I?

Do you love Christmas music? Do you think I should maybe just listen to a Christmas playlist on Spotify and get it out of my system? Or should I hold out, just in case this desire to listen to Christmas music becomes some sort of sickness? What would you do?

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