Christmas Cheer Overload: Enough Already!

Christmas Cheer Overload: Enough Already!

The real problem is that everyone is coming off a little too strong***.  If you encounter Grinchy people, don’t assume they’re ghastly people incapable of joy.  It might actually be YOU that’s causing their irritation and ruining their holiday experience.

It reminds me of the worst date I’ve ever gone on.  The man in question kept telling me how beautiful I was.  Kept complimenting me.  The more times he complimented me as we ate the lousy-ass dinner he made for me the less I believed anything he said.  By the end of dinner he came off as a lying sleaze and I loathed him.  He couldn’t let the compliment mean anything.  I ended up feeling gross rather than pretty.  He totally cheapened me.

From my perspective – the more desperate the fervor over Christmas the cheaper it is and the less it actually means.  In the pleasant and calm oasis that is my home – I will still love Christmas.  Next weekend we’ll get a tree and decorate and it will be plenty cheery.  Maybe I’ll make cookies but I probably won’t.  And if I do it will be because I FEEL LIKE IT, not because I feel obligated.  Inside my small world my Christmas is simple and quiet and completely stress free.  There’s no Santa to call the authorities on.  There’s no forced cheer.  There’s no massive time suck.  There are no holiday parties I don’t feel like going to.  It’s totally pleasant and full of my favorite people.

It’s only when I go out into the world that I HATE CHRISTMAS SO MUCH.

So how about everyone just mellow the hell out?!


*I do have one friend who is the kindest person EVER whose family pretty much bullies her into doing the whole Christmas dealio – and I totally get how hard it would be for her to tell off her family and if I could I would step in and tell them off for her.  So maybe you’re like her.  If you want me to – I’ll step in on your behalf.  Just let me know.

**I love Pachabel’s Canon and The Messiah.

***Did I say a “little” too strong?  I actually meant that everyone is coming off like Christmas addicts who can no longer operate without a major snort of Christmas-related excitement every single minute of every day until THE DAY.  Jesus.  No wonder people get so depressed after Christmas.

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