How to Repel Vampires, or Just Make Dinner: Chicken With 40 Cloves of Garlic

How to Repel Vampires, or Just Make Dinner: Chicken With 40 Cloves of Garlic

Vampires pervade pop culture these days. True Blood, Twilight, and Vampire Diaries rake in millions of dollars for the entertainment industry and fascinate fans with sex, blood and gore. My fascination with vampires dates back to the 1980s movie,The Hunger, starring Susan Sarandon, Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie. The scene where Miriam seduces and bites  Sarah to Delibes’s Flower Duet from Lakmé stands out as a classic movie moment.

chicken with 40 cloves of garlic

For centuries in folklore, vampires have been repelled by garlic. Garlic, an example of an apotropaic, was used over the years to “turn away” harm or evil influences. Apparently, the component allicin in garlic provides the effective chemical and odorous properties that repel the mythical creatures.

chicken with 40 cloves of garlic

To be honest, I’m not really afraid of a vampire attack, but I do love garlic. It really makes all things better in my humble opinion. I’m not sure it possible to use too much garlic, so when I decided to throw my hat in the ring with this popular chicken dish, I couldn’t peel 40 cloves of garlic fast enough! Actually this much garlic seems as if it would overpower the dish, but it actually mellows considerably when cooked. The cooked garlic blooms into a delicious, sweet and mellow flavor. The half-and-half, sherry and thyme perfectly complement the sweet garlic flavor and pan seared chicken thighs.

The biggest challenge of making this dish is peeling the garlic. You’ll certainly want a silicone garlic peeler for the task. If you don’t own one,  by all means pick up one of these flexible silicone tubes at any kitchen store. You simply place the clove of garlic in the peeler and roll it on the countertop, The friction effortlessly peels the skin off of the garlic clove.

Aside from peeling garlic, this one-pot dish comes together pretty quickly for a great weeknight supper. The sauce is delicious so serve with mashed potatoes or brown rice.

Get the recipe here =>

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