Charocal....Who Would've Thunk it?!

Charocal....Who Would've Thunk it?!

You say "Charcoal" and I say, chicken wings!, steak!, hamburgers!, hot dogs!...when's the BBQ???  So who came up with the idea of using  charcoal to clean out our nasty, congested pores?  Biore...that's who!  Listen, I make no excuses about being a beauty product junkie.  You give me good marketing hype and a coupon, and I'm ALL over it!   But even this product junkie has standards-I keep NOTHING that doesn't live up to its claims.  I keep all of my receipts and only purchase stuff from stores with good return/exchange policies.  Whatever I have in my arsenal, is there because I either strongly like or love the product. 

Off to the store I go.  So, with coupon in hand, I purchased Biore's Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser.  Although I make my purchase with considerable trepidation, I just couldn't wait to go home and try this stuff out.  First impressions....refreshing, smells nice and leaves a clean, tinglingly feeling.  I'm loving this stuff!!!!  I also like the fact that its in a pump.  You really only need a full pump to feel like this stuff is really getting in there and purging your pores.  I should add that I used my trusty Clarisonic, which takes any cleanser to the next level.  I've been using it for about a month and still loving it.  It's officially part of my skincare routine...Give it a shot and try it.

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