Celebrating Your Birthday on Facebook Is Awesome and Frustrating

Celebrating Your Birthday on Facebook Is Awesome and Frustrating

Complain all you want about Facebook but you cannot deny it - - There's really nothing better than celebrating your birthday on Facebook! It's hard not to smile as you watch all of those birthday messages roll in. You certainly don't get that kind of feel-good experience from Twitter or Pinterest.

You wake up in the morning and there are birthday wishes. You take a little lunch break and check on Facebook and there are more birthday wishes. At the end of the day, you have a wall filled with dozens, or hundreds, of wonderful birthday wishes. Even if you don't always know who some of those people are who've wished you heartfelt happy birthdays, it's nice, right?

Unless you're someone who feels like she needs to actually answer every single one of those birthday wishes or at the very least acknowledge the receipt of those birthday wishes.

You start off leaving your own "thank you" comments but by mid-day, you've resorted to clicking the "Like" because how many times can you say "Thank you" in one darn day. And before you know it, you can't even keep up with clicking "Like"! It's just too much.

What's a birthday girl to do?

You've got options and you should make the choice that you're comfortable with:

  • Happily reply and/or Like every single birthday wish and do it with a smile.
  • Like or reply to those you know well or really felt some connection to and don't stress about whether that person you don't even recognize gets his/her feelings hurt. People do not wish you a happy birthday simply because they expect you to RESPOND to their wishes. And if they do, then they deserve to get their feelings hurt if you don't reply.
  • Don't respond to anyone, individually, at all. Just leave a message on your wall thanking EVERYONE for their wonderful birthday wishes.
  • Remove the ability for people to leave birthday greetings on your wall. This might result in people private messaging you birthday greetings, which will leave you back at square one but it will probably reduce the number of people who send you greetings.
  • Remove your birthday from Facebook completely so that most people won't realize it is your birthday at all.

My advice: Don't Stress! Seriously. It's your birthday. Do what feels right for you and do not stress about your choice. Those who love you and really hope you're having a wonderful birthday are not going to have their feelings hurt. Just enjoy the birthday feel good from Facebook -- you'll need those good feelings when you head over to Twitter and find yourself trolled by spammers, attacked because you have an opinion that differs from others' and your birthday is completely ignored in favor of a discussion about Justin Beiber or Miley Cyrus.

How do you handle the onslaught of birthday wishes on Facebook?

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