Caregiving, Including How to Integrate Self-Care Into Your Mix of Responsibilities

Do you find yourself in the exclusive club often referred to as the “sandwich generation,” caring for yourself, aging parents, and a family of your own? Panelists will share your experiences of juggling the multiple responsibilities of being a caregiver to many—and why self-care is not a buzzword, but a true lifeline.

Attendees will learn:

  • Ways to balance multiple responsibilities of parenting, work, caregiving, etc.
  • Resources for how to best support your aging parents and marshal the rest of the family to help
  • What self-care is—and why it is not a luxury but a necessity
  • Suggestions and strategies about how to start a mindfulness practice and how to establish personal and professional boundaries that people respect


Melanie Edwards, digital entrepreneur and writer at

Graeme Seabrook, self-care coach and writer at PostpartumMama

Iris Waichler, patient advocate, social worker and author