Microwave Sea Salt Caramels? Yes, Please

Microwave Sea Salt Caramels? Yes, Please

As someone who adores caramels and as someone who likes to make presents, I have pinned nearly every possible recipe for homemade caramel.  All looked amazing and all seemed difficult for me to do.  

Who owns a candy thermometer? 


Then I came across a recipe for caramels from the microwave!  And I knew I had a winner. 

I learned a lot from making them, like when the recipe says to us a bowl three times bigger than your ingredients–do it.  I have a scar to remind me but adding Baileys helped me to forget.

Baileys Sea Salted Caramels

I also learned that freezing before cutting caramels is much better and having a glass of wine while wrapping them is even better.

I wrote about it here along with my thoughts on Gourmet Nut.  


iNeed a Playdate is a fact, not just the name of my blog.

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