Calling Friends

Calling Friends


It seems everyone has a cell phone these days.
Even some elementary school kids have them.

If a kid today wants to see a friend they call or text from their phone
and make a play date.
But back in the days of my youthfulness it was different.

When I was a kid there were no cell phones
just phones on a table or attached to the wall.
Neither one could be moved from where it was because
it plugged into the telephone company box thing on the wall.
Children were not encouraged to use the phone.
Phones were for grown-ups.

If I wanted to see my best friend, Linda,
I would walk down the road to her house and stand on her front porch.

Then I would call for her.

Oh, Liiiiiiiiiiindaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

at the top of my lungs until she came to the door.

She would do the same at my house if she wanted to see me.

Why didn’t we knock on the door or use the doorbell?
I have no idea.
All I know is we called for each other.
Hey, it worked.


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