Bully Breed Rescue – Pit Bulls Can Be Loving!

Bully Breed Rescue – Pit Bulls Can Be Loving!

Bully Breed Rescue – Pit Bulls Can Be Loving!

The people here are dedicated to helping the pit bull class, get rescued and find forever homes! (In Norwalk,Conneticut)

They want to improve the reputation of this breed. American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, bulldogs, and pit bull mixes.


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Everyone thinks that all Pit Bulls are bad dogs, but thery’re not. I used to think this too. This Bully Breed Rescue takes in dogs dogs from kill shelters, owner surrenders, and neglectful situations. So many of them live in horrific situations. The Bully Breed Rescue provides complete medical care, housing, food, training and stability.

They have certain, just-right methods of evaluating, training and placing dogs in the right forever homes. Every dog they take in goes through a two week stablization and resting period so they can be evaluated correctly. They’re given the best training for each indiviual need and then pair them with the perfect match. This takes longer and costs more, but the great results are worth it.

They help people keep their pets, so there’s not so many strays on the street or taken to shelters. They have coordinated the distribution of donated dog food to pet food pantries and helped pet owners in financial need to connect with resources.




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