Building Your Thought Leadership with Social Media

Building Your Thought Leadership with Social Media

Lately I have talked more about thought leadership, trust and building credibility with my clients. As a consultant that provides intangible services, I must build a strong, trusting relationship with clients interested in working with me.

How do I prove to them, I am what they need without giving away the ‘milk for free’? More importantly how can I stop them from calling for free advice or wanting to take me out to coffee to pick my brain? Many consultants face this very issue. How do you build that valuable client base when you are just out of the gate?

The answer to relationship-building is gaining their trust, and to do this you need to prove to your audience you are who you say you are.

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But how do you do this without giving away valuable information? How do you prove your value to them? For me, I use social media to share my social media knowledge.

Here are 3 ways I promote my thought leadership.

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This blog has helped me establish a thought leadership position in my industry. By sharing valuable, knowledge, insights and information, I am proving that I have the skills clients need. Yes some of the information is a throw away, but nothing is of specific value to one target audience. My blog proves I know the platforms, understand the value and can connect the dots.


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Reading & Sharing
There is a wealth of information at our fingertips. I read books and articles to keep myself up to speed with the industry. The ones I find of interest and value, I share with my networks. I have found the most positive feedback on Twitter, when people “favorite” or retweet those Tweets.



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Pinning is Winning
I use Pinterest as a content curation tool, but it is also a resource to those who follow me. Interested in information on LinkedIn? Check out my LinkedIn Board for articles and infographics on the topic. I have boards for each platform, filled with articles and infographics that have resonated with me and hopefully my followers.


These are just 3 techniques I use to create a solid thought leadership strategy. I hope I have proven there are ways to show you are valuable and build trust without giving away too much information.


     Jeannine O'Neil


     JO Social Branding

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