On a Budget? How About a Day Trip?

On a Budget? How About a Day Trip?

If you are on a tight budget like me, and love to travel to interesting places, a day trip might just be the thing for you.

As the economy changed, my spending habits had to change along with it.  But budget cutbacks do not necessarily mean denying yourself of everything  that brings you joy.  So I decided to plan one day trip each month.

To start, I give some thought to what interests me and what I would like to see the most.  It might be a food tour, visiting an art gallery, a boat tour, etc.  Next, I create a budget for my day trip (usually on a spreadsheet). I jot down every expense that I expect to incur on my trip; along with a few extra dollars for unexpected expenses.  You should include as much as possible in your budget i.e. transportation (buses, trains, taxis), all meals and snacks, and any souvenirs or trinkets that you might want to purchase during your trip.  I know…I know…. It sounds kind of tight, but trust me….forecasting your expenses will keep you from overspending--if you stick to your plan.

And now for the obvious:  Pick a city, activity, or attraction that you can get to and return home from on the same day!   Plan your day trip the same way you would plan a weekend vacation by doing a little online research for yourself.  Consider it your personal adventure!  Do not be afraid to take in some sights off the beaten path just to add to your excitement.  Remember, this will be your special day!

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