Breaking The Cycle of Stuff

Breaking The Cycle of Stuff

So, why do we do it? I have no emptiness to fill. I have no real need, and there is no overwhelming urge for me to put my stamp on our new place. We're, for all intents and purposes, content.

Shouldn't content be enough?

I'm trying my best to trade experiences for items, trying to focus on an upcoming outing rather than the exhilaration of the new curtains matching the new comforter. Still the siren song of the Kohl's Cash in my wallet draws me ever near.

My kids want for nothing, and for that, I'm truly grateful. And if they don't get whatever they desire from us, there's an armada of family awaiting the opportunity to provide.

We're good. I just have to believe that, embrace that, and look outward.

Though I may have now come a step closer to understanding why all the bags.

And realizing that Buddha may have been onto something after all.


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