Brazilian Pancakes (Panqueca de Carne Moida)

Brazilian Pancakes (Panqueca de Carne Moida)

Wednesday I was in the kitchen, doing what I do, when hubby comes in and asks me what´s for lunch. Remember, gringos, Brazilian lunch is the real deal. Dinner is negotiable (and usually occurs around 10pm if hubby were to have his way).

It´s way healthier to eat like this, as long as you aren´t me and don´t go into hypoglycemic shock if you don´t eat every 2 hours. I don´t necessarily nibble and graze throughout the day, but I definitely get up and eat something – like half of a thing of passatempo cookies – or 3/4 of the leftovers… I do it for the common good, so I don´t have to throw as much away. Except passatempo wrappers. I accept the universal inevitability of throwing those away. I´m sure they´re biodegradeable… Anyways, where was I?

Hubby wanted to know what was for lunch, so I told him “I´m making pancakes!” At which point he stopped dead in his tracks, looked at me suspiciously, and asked, “Brazilian or American Pancakes?” I reassured him that no, they were not those heavenly North American style pancakes, fluffy with so much love, drizzled with maple syrup, served piping hot with butter melting deep inside of it… No, they were definitely Brazilian.


Allow me to explain: Brazilian pancakes have almost nothing to do with traditional North American pancakes. Brazilian pancakes are extra thin – not crepe thin, but definitely thinner than our mapley version. They´re also a lot hardier. Meaning a lot of milk and a bit of oil goes into them, to make them rollable. They have to be rolled, because you put meat in side of them. Kind of like a burrito. Except the ends are open, and tomato sauce is poured on top. Please stay with me. Either you´re salivating right now, or experiencing the warning signs of a panic attack. If the latter, go to to see the full recipe with super detailed photo steps. Because, in the end, Brazilian pancakes are yummy. I swear.

On the day this recipe went down, it just so happened to be a Wednesday – meaning I had a limited amount of time to do ANYTHING. So there I was, at noon, trying to whip up a batch of pancakes that even my picky hubby will eat. And it had to be done fast. Superhero fast.

Here´s how to throw together this super simple, super fast, edging-on-gourmet recipe… (find loads of super detailed photos and my full recipe at Water & Chocolate... come on by!)

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