I Quit My Brand-New Job

I Quit My Brand-New Job

So this brings me to talk about my nine five-hour days in the work place. Everything seemed fine in the beginning, but I could tell I was dealing with someone who just might be the Jekyll and Hyde I feared working for. Every other job I've worked in the past, I've had very supportive co-workers and supervisors. All of a sudden I was already rethinking my decision and wondering if time could change the circumstance. Very quickly I realized that no amount of  time,  or morning meditation or prayer was going to turn this thing around. My decision  of remaining  in this environment was up to me and will always be up to me. Obviously, I needed and need a job to supplement my income so I can afford to move forward paying for my health insurance, my bills, and contributing to my household. My worries plagued me day and night. I was maybe getting 3-4 hours a sleep and the amount of stress I was taking on was beginning to make me physically ill. I was plagued by thoughts of "What would my family and friends think? What would my boyfriend think? How would this make me look?" I was already beginning to make myself sick all over again. During all of this I had news pour in of a family member who was diagnosed with stage four brain cancer and other family members with scary ailments that was adding to my existing worry. I also had three of my favorite chickens pass away within a week of each other and was trying to deal with that. So, I asked myself the dreaded question. "Although I have a brand-new job, do I stay or do I go?" Luckily, my boyfriend is a very talented corporate jet mechanic and has a solid corporate job. Although we pay our bills separately, I made the decision to go and get by "on a wing and a prayer" until I could find a job that suited me better. I have started back on my job search again, but I'm hopeful something will come along soon.

The reason I shared my story with you is because I want you to remember how important your health and your life truly are. We are not here to only work ourselves into the ground and pay our bills. We are not on this earth to be belittled and controlled. Life is so much more, and sometimes taking a risk or a leap of faith is just the thing we are here to do.  Encourage others to follow their heart and intuition. Not everyone can afford to quit a job, but you can afford to entertain your dreams and desires, and work towards those goals every single day. Keep your fire burning, and don't lose yourself in your 9-5 job. One of my doctors gave me some really great advice ... He said "Laura, without your health, you have nothing." He said this because I was rambling on about my schedule and how I was too busy to go into the hospital. Before being hospitalized, I had worked a full 40-hour week, mowed my lawn, and played three shows out of town over the weekend. I was scheduled to play a one-year anniversary party of a business that very night and was fretting over what others would think of my cancelling!

So, I just want to leave you with these words.  If you are overworked, unhappy, and so stressed that you can't even enjoy your life and take care of your health, maybe today is the day you write down your goals and "work" towards really living. I realized that I cannot remain healthy when working in what I believe to be a mentally unhealthy work environment. I also cannot do my best work when I begin dreading going into work each day. If you can relate to what I'm saying and find yourself at this crossroad, remember just how short our lives really are. Ask yourself, what is most important to you, seek it, and you shall find it. Remember to work for yourself a change, for your health, and your dreams. By taking a leap of faith, you could be opening up a world you never dreamed of. Take control of your life in this employers' economy, and stand up for what you believe in most.  Know who you are and what you have to offer in life, and don't settle for anything less.


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