Is that Botox or Is Your Face Frozen?

Is that Botox or Is Your Face Frozen?

Dear Mouthy Housewives,

My friend has been overdoing the Botox lately. She's a beautiful woman but it's becoming hard to recognize her. Her face doesn't move. I asked her once about it and she claims that she doesn't have anything done. Should I just drop it? She's not looking great anymore.



Is that Botox or Is Your Face Frozen?
Credit: evert-jan.

Dear Wrinkles,

I never understand all the secrecy around Botox. Because I would be happy to admit to anyone that I would LOVE to get Botox! Oh yes, I would. So if you would like to make a donation to my Botox fund, please contact me immediately. Because I'm not getting any less middle aged over here.

But for some reason, there are women who like to keep it hush-hush even if no one has witnessed their face move since 2006. And that's their right. Listen, we all have our secrets. Like maybe a sorority insignia tattooed to a left butt cheek. Not saying it's true. Just possible.

It sounds like your friend is getting a little Botox crazy. You have a few options. You can log into her email account and intercept all half price Botox treatments from Groupon. Of course, you would have to get her password and I think despite your good intentions, this activity might be considered "illegal."

Another option is to gather a few friends and have a Botox intervention. (Note: This is very different from a Botox party and your parting gift will not be a smooth forehead.)

Or you can gather your strength and chat with her again on your own. Tell her you've noticed big changes in her gorgeous face, and as a friend you are a little concerned and want to know what's going on. If she shuts you down again, let it go.

Good luck,
Kelcey, TMH


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