Blogs to Watch (or should I say, Read!)

Blogs to Watch (or should I say, Read!)

As you know, I love to share other blogs with bloggers. Whenever I find blogs that I didn't know about or that other bloggers may not be aware of, I love sharing them with all of you.  So, thanks to, I found some great blogs and they are beautiful. Most of them, are Fashion blogs and I think that they are really creative.  

They all have great reasons for starting their blogs and I enjoyed reading their "About Me" pages. So, without further delay, here the blogs.


Bianca from Avant Blargh Created by Avant Blargh


Stop it Right Now Created by Jayne


Honey & Silk Created by Stephanie Liu


The Global Girl      Created by NDOEMA


Margie Plus    Created by Margie


Glisters & Blisters       Created by Michelle


Fated to be Hated        Created by Bebe Zeva


Couture Lust                     Created by Suad Eissa


The Fabric Snob              Created by Apneet Kaur


Love Aesthetics                 Created by Ivania Carpio


I hope that you'll check these blogs out!



(Also my newest blog post, in on my blog.  The V Mirror.) (


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