Follow These BlogHers Who Are Writing About Ferguson

Follow These BlogHers Who Are Writing About Ferguson

Since Aug. 9, we've watched Ferguson, Missouri, go from little-known suburb of St. Louis to the scene of a police shooting of an unarmed black teenager named Michael Brown to the scene of daily protests and a flashpoint for a national discussion of racist systems in police and government, and how to respond to civil unrest. Follow these BlogHers for important commentary and analysis of the events in Ferguson.

Must-Follow Monday


BlogHer's Love & Sex editor, Feminista is the organizer of the National Moment of Silence (#NMOS14) to honor victims of police brutality. It was observed last week in over 90 cities, bringing together thousands of people at peaceful vigils in the U.S. and beyond. She focuses on health, sex, race, and family on her blog. Start by following her on Twitter.


Nordette Adams is a fiction writer, poet, and contributing editor for BlogHer. She has been writing both poetry and commentary about Ferguson, both on her blog and on Twitter. Start with American Due Process and Justice for Mike Brown: Video of Robbery by the Big Black Man.


Jenn M. Jackson and her husband, Darren, write the BlogHer network blog Water Cooler Convos, about everything from entertainment to family to race and politics. Jenn's post, We Can’t Stop Fighting for the Humanity of Black Bodies, is a must-read—a searing piece with the insistent refrain: Black lives matter.


At Poliogue, BlogHer Heather Barmore blogs about politics from the perspective of one who has worked there, reflected in her recent post about Ferguson, The Intersection of Race and Politics.


A white mother to an adopted black son, Kristen Howerton often blogs about race and privilege in the U.S., and spoke on the topic at BlogHer '14 closing keynote on race, gender, and the internet. Her post, Racial Bias, Police Brutality, and the Dangerous Act of Being Black, speaks to anyone who believes (or, as she puts it, pretends) we are "over race" as a society.

So many bloggers are writing about Ferguson right now that I limited this list to some members of the BlogHer community. If you have links to great posts and other blogs where women are writing about Ferguson, I encourage you to add them here.

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