What You'll Learn at #BlogHerFood16 in Austin This Year

What You'll Learn at #BlogHerFood16 in Austin This Year

In a few weeks, #BlogHerFood16 will mosey on down to Austin, Texas, where hundreds of food bloggers, writers, cookbook authors, photographers, stylists, social influencers, and brands will join us. You'll be one of them, right? We've got a big announcement of the full program to help nudge you in our direction, so register here and make sure you won't miss a thing in Texas this year.

#BlogHerFood16 agenda

Food blogging is serious business, and we are serious about all things food. I personally have a passion for sweet treats… and savory foods...oh, my. I'm getting hungry just thinking about all of the food we'll experience at the conference and in the city of Austin.

The #BlogHerFood16 agenda is designed to cover the techniques, tools, and trends you need to know now to improve your food and your food content. In this fast-paced industry, we consider our conference an opportunity for you to reset, evaluate, and elevate your game for the coming year.

On to the #BlogHerFood16 breakout session schedule. Many speakers are already included, but we'll be adding more speakers over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, you can check out sessions in these four tracks:

The A/V Food Club

Video is one of the best ways to share your personality and expertise with your audience. We'll have an outstanding panel all about mastering the art of the cooking video on a budget, and with no outside help. You can do it!

In a new twist, live broadcasting took us by storm, and has been on fire this year. So, if you have the gift of gab like me, the session on live cooking shows is one you won't want to miss—you'll definitely learn a thing or two about the special techniques that work best for live content.

Who doesn't love those GIFs we see floating around online daily? Wanna know how to make them? We have a session just for making your own GIFs this year.

Let's not forget the A in A/V. Podcasting has experienced a tremendous resurgence over the past 1-2 years, so come discover how (and why) to create an awesome food podcast, and which tools, formats, and strategies work best on this platform.

Social Media Bootcamp

A big hit every year, our Social Media Bootcamp track will dive deep into the tools most important for food content creators. This track will also look at best practices and offer insight into how to leverage the strengths of each of your favorite platforms.

We will share tips and examples of great photo styling for Instagram, and teach you how to get your pics in fine order and engage your followers. You'll explore how Snapchat works best for food content in particular. You'll learn how to use Facebook to motivate people to share with their friends and followers. And you'll find out what's really working on Pinterest in 2016, after the platform's most recent changes.

The Art and Science of Food Blogging

Food blogging integrates a lot of different skills, whether it's your livelihood or an avocation. You're likely using your left and right brain, your analytical and creative sides, big picture and detail-oriented thinking. This track has something to help you develop every one of those different relevant skills.

Dig into the data to learn what you really know about your audience. Explore whether it's time to write that cookbook, whether or not you have a large following. Get better at working with the brands you're most interested in, and finally get organized and running like a tight ship, too. For an advanced perspective, we have four top food experts here to help you explore next-level career goals. And we'll talk about digging deeper into how social and cultural issues intertwine with food, and how integrating those concepts can enrich your food writing.

In the Kitchen

I love cooking classes, and I always learn some clever technique at the BlogHerFood conference, which is why I love the In the Kitchen track especially. This year, we'll have a session all about developing a cooking class of your own. What better way to share your expertise and earn some money by teaching others how to cook, too?

We'll also bring you a session about how to take one recipe and put a new spin on it to serve your niche, with each of our speakers demonstrating their version of a similar dish. And finally, we're bringing some nutrition experts into the kitchen to share the latest ideas in healthy eating, cooking, and recipe development.

This year's agenda is jam-packed with opportunities to learn and grow, and I know there is something for everyone that fits your interest, skill level, and focus. So register now!

I can hardly wait to see you and eat with y'all in Austin!

*Note: The flash sale ended midnight Pacific Time on September 9, 2016.


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